Genesis Outlined

Genesis chapter 1

Genesis 1:1-2. God creates heaven and earth;
Genesis 1:3-5. the light;
Genesis 1:6-8. the firmament;
Genesis 1:9-13. separates the dry land;
Genesis 1:14-19. forms the sun, moon, and stars;
Genesis 1:20-23. fishes and fowls;
Genesis 1:24-25. cattle, wild beasts, and creeping things;
Genesis 1:26-28. creates man in his own image, blesses him;
Genesis 1:29-31. grants the fruits of the earth for food.

Genesis chapter 2

Genesis 2:1-3. The History of the heavens and the earth when they were created.
Genesis 2:4-7. Further particulars concerning the manner of creation.
Genesis 2:8-14. The planting of the garden of Eden, and its situation;
Genesis 2:15-17. man is placed in it; and the tree of knowledGenesis only forbidden.
Genesis 2:18-20. The animals are named by Adam.
Genesis 2:21-25. The making of woman, and the institution of marriage.

Genesis chapter 3

Genesis 3:1-5. The serpent deceives Eve.
Genesis 3:6-7. Both she and Adam transgress the divine command, and fall into sin and misery.
Genesis 3:8-13. God arraigns them.
Genesis 3:14. The serpent is cursed.
Genesis 3:15. The promised seed.
Genesis 3:16-20. The punishment of mankind.
Genesis 3:21. Their first clothing.
Genesis 3:22-24. Their expulsion from paradise.

Genesis chapter 4

Genesis 4:1-7. The birth, occupation, and offering of Cain and Abel.
Genesis 4:8-10. Cain murders his brother Abel.
Genesis 4:11-16. The curse of Cain.
Genesis 4:17. Has a son called Enoch, and builds a city, which he calls after his name.
Genesis 4:18-24. His descendants, with Lamech and his two wives.
Genesis 4:25. The birth of Seth,
Genesis 4:26. and Enos.

Genesis chapter 5

Genesis 5:1-2. Recapitulation of the creation of man.
Genesis 5:3-21. The genealogy, age, and death of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah.
Genesis 5:22-24. The godliness and translation of Enoch.
Genesis 5:25-32. The birth of Noah, etc.

Genesis chapter 6

Genesis 6:1-7. The wickedness of the world, which provoked God's wrath, and caused the flood.
Genesis 6:8. Noah finds grace.
Genesis 6:9-13. His generations, etc.
Genesis 6:14-22. The order, form, dimensions, and end of the ark.

Genesis chapter 7

Genesis 7:1-16. Noah, with his family, and the living creatures, enter the ark, and the flood begins.
Genesis 7:17-20. The increase and continuance of the flood for forty days.
Genesis 7:21-23. All flesh is destroyed by it.
Genesis 7:24. Its duration.

Genesis chapter 8

Genesis 8:1-3. God remembers Noah, and assuages the waters.
Genesis 8:4-5. The ark rests on Ararat.
Genesis 8:6-12. Noah sends forth a raven and then a dove.
Genesis 8:13-19. Noah, being commanded, goes forth from the ark.
Genesis 8:20-22. He builds an altar, and offers sacrifice, which God accepts, and promises to curse the earth no more.

Genesis chapter 9

Genesis 9:1-3. God blesses Noah and his sons, and grants them flesh for food.
Genesis 9:4-7. Blood and murder are forbidden.
Genesis 9:8-17. God's covenant, of which the rainbow was constituted a pledge.
Genesis 9:18-19. Noah's family replenish the world.
Genesis 9:20. Noah plants a vineyard.
Genesis 9:21-24. Is drunken, and mocked by his son.
Genesis 9:25. Curses Canaan.
Genesis 9:26. Blesses Shem.
Genesis 9:27-29. Prays for Japheth, and dies.

Genesis chapter 10

Genesis 10:1. The generations of Noah.
Genesis 10:2-5. Japheth.
Genesis 10:6-7. Ham.
Genesis 10:8-20. Nimrod the first monarch, and the descendants of Canaan.
Genesis 10:21-32. The sons of Shem.

Genesis chapter 11

Genesis 11:1. One languaGenesis in the world.
Genesis 11:2-4. The building of Babel.
Genesis 11:5-9. It is interrupted by the confusion of tongues, and the builders dispersed.
Genesis 11:10-26. The generations of Shem.
Genesis 11:27-30. The generations of Terah, the father of Abram.
Genesis 11:31-32. Terah, with Abram and Lot, remove from Ur to Haran.

Genesis chapter 12

Genesis 12:1-3. God calls Abram, and blesses him with a promise of Christ.
Genesis 12:4-5. He departs with Lot from Haran, and comes to Canaan.
Genesis 12:6. He journeys through Canaan,
Genesis 12:7-9. which is promised to him in a vision.
Genesis 12:10. He is driven by famine into Egypt.
Genesis 12:11-13. Fear makes him feign his wife to be his sister.
Genesis 12:14-17. Pharaoh, having taken her from him, by plagues is compelled to restore her.
Genesis 12:18-20. He reproves Abram, whom he dismisses.

Genesis chapter 13

Genesis 13:1-5. Abram and Lot return with great riches out of Egypt.
Genesis 13:6-7. Strife arises between Abram's herdsmen and those of Lot.
Genesis 13:8-9. Abram meekly refers it to Lot to choose his part of the country,
Genesis 13:10-13. and Lot goes to Sodom.
Genesis 13:14-17. God renews the promise to Abram.
Genesis 13:18. He removes to Hebron, and there builds an altar.

Genesis chapter 14

Genesis 14:1-11. The battle of four kings against the king of Sodom and his allies.
Genesis 14:12-13. Lot is taken prisoner.
Genesis 14:14-16. Abram rescues him.
Genesis 14:17-20. Melchizedek blesses Abram at his return, who gives him tithes.
Genesis 14:21-24. The rest of the spoil, his partners having had their portions he restores to the king of Sodom.

Genesis chapter 15

Genesis 15:1-3. God encourages Abram, who complains for want of an heir.
Genesis 15:4-5. God promises him a son, and a multiplying of his seed.
Genesis 15:6. Abram is justified by faith.
Genesis 15:7-21. Canaan is promised again, and confirmed by a sign, and a vision, prophetic of the condition of his posterity till brought out of Egypt.

Genesis chapter 16

Genesis 16:1-3. Sarai, being barren, gives Hagar to Abram.
Genesis 16:4-6. Hagar, being afflicted for despising her mistress, runs away.
Genesis 16:7-12. An angel commands her to return and submit herself, promises her a numerous posterity, and shows their character and condition.
Genesis 16:13-14. Hagar names the place, and returns to Sarai.
Genesis 16:15. Ishmael is born.
Genesis 16:16. The aGenesis of Abram.

Genesis chapter 17

Genesis 17:1-8. God renews the covenant with Abram, and changes his name to Abraham, in token of a greater blessing.
Genesis 17:9-14. Circumcision is instituted.
Genesis 17:15-16. Sarai's name is changed to Sarah, and she is blessed.
Genesis 17:17-22. Isaac is promised, and the time of his birth fixed.
Genesis 17:23-27. Abraham and Ishmael are circumcised.

Genesis chapter 18

Genesis 18:1-8. The Lord appears to Abraham, who entertains angels.
Genesis 18:9-15. Sarah is reproved for laughing at the promise of a son.
Genesis 18:16-22. The destruction of Sodom is revealed to Abraham.
Genesis 18:23-33. Abraham makes intercession for the inhabitants.

Genesis chapter 19

Genesis 19:1-3. Lot entertains two angels.
Genesis 19:4-11. The vicious Sodomites are smitten with blindness.
Genesis 19:12-14. Lot is warned, and in vain warns his sons-in-law.
Genesis 19:15-23. He is directed to flee with his family to the mountains, but obtains leave to go into Zoar.
Genesis 19:24-25. Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.
Genesis 19:26-28. Lot's wife becomes a pillar of salt.
Genesis 19:29-30. Lot dwells in a cave.
Genesis 19:31-38. The incestuous origin of Moab and Ammon.

Genesis chapter 20

Genesis 20:1. Abraham sojourns at Gerar.
Genesis 20:2. Denies his wife, who is taken by Abimelech.
Genesis 20:3-8. Abimelech is reproved for her in a dream.
Genesis 20:9-13. He rebukes Abraham.
Genesis 20:14-15. Restores Sarah;
Genesis 20:16. and reproves her.
Genesis 20:17-18. Abimelech and his family are healed at Abraham's prayer.

Genesis chapter 21

Genesis 21:1-5. Isaac is born, and circumcised.
Genesis 21:6-7. Sarah's joy.
Genesis 21:8. Isaac is weaned.
Genesis 21:9-14. Hagar and Ishmael are cast forth.
Genesis 21:15-16. Hagar in distress.
Genesis 21:17-22. The angel relieves and comforts her.
Genesis 21:23-34. Abimelech's covenant with Abraham at Beer-sheba.

Genesis chapter 22

Genesis 22:1-2. Abraham is tempted to offer Isaac.
Genesis 22:3-10. He gives proof of his faith and obedience.
Genesis 22:11-12. The angel prevents him.
Genesis 22:13. Isaac is exchanged for a ram.
Genesis 22:14. The place is called Jehovah-jireh.
Genesis 22:15-19. Abraham is again blessed.
Genesis 22:20-24. The generations of Nahor unto Rebekah.

Genesis chapter 23

Genesis 23:1-2. The aGenesis and death of Sarah.
Genesis 23:3-18. The purchase of the field and cave of Machpelah;
Genesis 23:19-20. where Sarah is buried.

Genesis chapter 24

Genesis 24:1-9. Abraham swears his servant.
Genesis 24:10-11. The servant's journey.
Genesis 24:12-13. His prayer.
Genesis 24:14. His sign.
Genesis 24:15-17. Rebekah meets him;
Genesis 24:18-21. fulfils his sign;
Genesis 24:22. receives jewels;
Genesis 24:23-24. shows her kindred;
Genesis 24:25. and invites him home.
Genesis 24:26-28. The servant blesses God.
Genesis 24:29-33. Laban entertains him.
Genesis 24:34-49. The servant shows his message.
Genesis 24:50-57. Laban and Bethuel approve it.
Genesis 24:58-61. Rebekah consents to go, and departs.
Genesis 24:62-67. Isaac meets and marries her.

Genesis chapter 25

Genesis 25:1-4. The sons of Abraham by Keturah.
Genesis 25:5-6. The division of his goods.
Genesis 25:7-10. His age, death, and burial.
Genesis 25:11. God blesses Isaac.
Genesis 25:12-16. The generations of Ishmael.
Genesis 25:17-18. His aGenesis and death.
Genesis 25:19-21. Isaac prays for Rebekah, being barren.
Genesis 25:22-23. The children strive in her womb.
Genesis 25:24-26. The birth of Esau and Jacob.
Genesis 25:27-28. Their different characters and pursuits.
Genesis 25:29-34. Esau sells his birthright.

Genesis chapter 26

Genesis 26:1-6. Isaac, because of famine, sojourns in Gerar, and the Lord instructs and blesses him.
Genesis 26:7-11. He is reproved by Abimelech for denying his wife.
Genesis 26:12-17. He grows rich, and the Philistines envy his prosperity.
Genesis 26:18-22. He digs Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth.
Genesis 26:23-33. God appears to him at Beer-sheba, and blesses him; and Abimelech makes a covenant with him.
Genesis 26:34-35. Esau's wives.

Genesis chapter 27

Genesis 27:1-5. Isaac sends Esau for venison.
Genesis 27:6-13. Rebekah instructs Jacob to obtain the blessing.
Genesis 27:14-29. Jacob, feigning to be Esau, obtains it.
Genesis 27:30-32. Esau brings venison.
Genesis 27:33. Isaac trembles.
Genesis 27:34-40. Esau complains, and by importunity obtains a blessing.
Genesis 27:41. He threatens Jacob's life.
Genesis 27:42-46. Rebekah disappoints him, by sending Jacob away.

Genesis chapter 28

Genesis 28:1-5. Isaac blesses Jacob, and sends him to Padan-aram.
Genesis 28:6-9. Esau marries Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael.
Genesis 28:10-17. Jacob journeys, and has a vision of a ladder.
Genesis 28:18-19. The stone of Beth-el.
Genesis 28:20-22. Jacob's vow.

Genesis chapter 29

Genesis 29:1-8. Jacob comes to the well of Haran.
Genesis 29:9-12. He becomes acquainted with Rachel.
Genesis 29:13-17. Laban entertains him.
Genesis 29:18-22. Jacob covenants for Rachel.
Genesis 29:23-27. He is deceived by Laban with Leah.
Genesis 29:28-31. He marries also Rachel, and serves for her seven years more.
Genesis 29:32. Leah bears Reuben;
Genesis 29:33. Simeon;
Genesis 29:34. Levi;
Genesis 29:35. and Judah.

Genesis chapter 30

Genesis 30:1-4. Rachel, in grief for her barrenness, gives Bilhah her maid unto Jacob.
Genesis 30:5-8. Bilhah bears Dan and Naphtali.
Genesis 30:9-13. Leah gives Zilpah her maid, who bears Gad and Asher.
Genesis 30:14-16. Reuben finds mandrakes, with which Leah buys her husband's company of Rachel.
Genesis 30:17-21. Leah bears Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah.
Genesis 30:22-24. Rachel bears Joseph.
Genesis 30:25-26. Jacob desires to depart.
Genesis 30:27-36. Laban detains him on a new agreement.
Genesis 30:37-43. Jacob's policy, whereby he becomes rich.

Genesis chapter 31

Genesis 31:1-18. Jacob, displeased with the envy of Laban and his sons, departs secretly.
Genesis 31:19-21. Rachel steals her father's images.
Genesis 31:22-33. Laban pursues after him, and complains of the wrong.
Genesis 31:34-35. Rachel's stratagem to hide the images.
Genesis 31:36-42. Jacob's complaint of Laban.
Genesis 31:43-55. The covenant of Laban and Jacob at Galeed.

Genesis chapter 32

Genesis 32:1-2. Jacob's vision at Mahanaim.
Genesis 32:3-5. His messaGenesis to Esau.
Genesis 32:6-8. He is afraid of Esau's coming.
Genesis 32:9-12. He prays for deliverance.
Genesis 32:13-23. He sends a present to Esau, and passes the brook Jabbok.
Genesis 32:24-30. He wrestles with an angel at Peniel, where he is called Israel.
Genesis 32:31-32. He halts.

Genesis chapter 33

Genesis 33:1-16. Jacob and Esau's meeting; and Esau's departure.
Genesis 33:17. Jacob comes to Succoth.
Genesis 33:18-20. At Shalem he buys a field, and builds an altar, called El-elohe-Israel.

Genesis chapter 34

Genesis 34:1-3. Dinah is ravished by Shechem.
Genesis 34:4-12. He sues to marry her.
Genesis 34:13-19. The sons of Jacob offer the condition of circumcision to the Shechemites.
Genesis 34:20-24. Hamor and Shechem persuade them to accept it.
Genesis 34:25-29. The sons of Jacob upon that advantaGenesis slay them, and spoil their city.
Genesis 34:30-31. Jacob reproves Simeon and Levi.

Genesis chapter 35

Genesis 35:1. God commands Jacob to go to Bethel.
Genesis 35:2-5. He purges his house of idols.
Genesis 35:6-7. He builds an altar at Bethel.
Genesis 35:8. Deborah dies at Allon-bachuth.
Genesis 35:9-15. God blesses Jacob at Bethel.
Genesis 35:16-21. Rachel travails of Benjamin, and dies in the way to Edar.
Genesis 35:22. Reuben lies with Bilhah.
Genesis 35:23-26. The sons of Jacob.
Genesis 35:27. Jacob comes to Isaac at Hebron.
Genesis 35:28-29. The age, death, and burial of Isaac.

Genesis chapter 36

Genesis 36:1-5. Esau's three wives.
Genesis 36:6-8. His removal to mount Seir.
Genesis 36:9-14. His sons.
Genesis 36:15-19. The dukes which descended of his sons.
Genesis 36:20-23. The sons and dukes of Seir the Horite.
Genesis 36:24-30. Anah finds mules.
Genesis 36:31-39. The kings of Edom.
Genesis 36:40-43. The dukes that descended of Esau.

Genesis chapter 37

Genesis 37:1-4. Joseph is loved by Jacob, but hated by his brethren.
Genesis 37:5-11. His dreams and the interpretation.
Genesis 37:12-20. Jacob sends him to his brethren, who counsel to slay him.
Genesis 37:21-24. At Reuben's desire they cast him into a pit;
Genesis 37:25-30. and afterwards sell him to the Ishmaelites; while Ruben grieves at not finding him.
Genesis 37:31-35. His coat, covered with blood, is sent to Jacob, who mourns him inordinately.
Genesis 37:36. Joseph is brought to Egypt and sold to Potiphar.

Genesis chapter 38

Genesis 38:1-5. Judah begets Er, Onan, and Shelah.
Genesis 38:6-7. Er's marriaGenesis with Tamar, and death.
Genesis 38:8-10. The trespass of Onan.
Genesis 38:11. Tamar is reserved for Shelah.
Genesis 38:12. Judah's wife dies.
Genesis 38:13-26. Tamar deceives Judah.
Genesis 38:27-30. She bears twins, Pharez and Zarah.

Genesis chapter 39

Genesis 39:1-6. Joseph is bought by Potiphar, and preferred in the family.
Genesis 39:7-12. He resists his mistress's temptation.
Genesis 39:13-19. He is falsely accused by her.
Genesis 39:20. He is cast into prison.
Genesis 39:21-23. God is with him there, and he is advanced by the keeper of prison.

Genesis chapter 40

Genesis 40:1-4. The chief butler and baker of Pharaoh being imprisoned, Joseph is charged with them.
Genesis 40:5-19. He interprets their dreams.
Genesis 40:20-22. They are accomplished according to his interpretation.
Genesis 40:23. The ingratitude of the butler, in forgetting Joseph.

Genesis chapter 41

Genesis 41:1-8. Pharaoh has two dreams.
Genesis 41:9-32. Joseph interprets them.
Genesis 41:33-45. He gives Pharaoh counsel, and is highly advanced, and married.
Genesis 41:46-49. The seven years of plenty.
Genesis 41:50-52. He begets children.
Genesis 41:53-57. The famine begins.

Genesis chapter 42

Genesis 42:1-15. Jacob sends his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt.
Genesis 42:16-17. They are imprisoned by Joseph for spies.
Genesis 42:18-20. They are set at liberty, on condition to bring Benjamin.
Genesis 42:21-23. They have remorse for Joseph.
Genesis 42:24. Simeon is kept for a pledge.
Genesis 42:25-28. They return with corn, and their money.
Genesis 42:29-35. Their relation to Jacob.
Genesis 42:36-38. Jacob refuses to send Benjamin.

Genesis chapter 43

Genesis 43:1-14. Jacob is hardly persuaded to send Benjamin.
Genesis 43:15-18. Joseph entertains his brethren.
Genesis 43:19-25. They discover their fears to the steward.
Genesis 43:26-34. Joseph makes them a feast.

Genesis chapter 44

Genesis 44:1-5. Joseph's policy to stay his brethren.
Genesis 44:6-13. The cup is found in Benjamin's sack.
Genesis 44:14-17. They are brought before Joseph.
Genesis 44:18-34. Judah's humble supplication to Joseph.

Genesis chapter 45

Genesis 45:1-4. Joseph makes himself known to his brethren.
Genesis 45:5-8. He comforts them in God's providence.
Genesis 45:9-15. He sends for his father.
Genesis 45:16-20. Pharaoh confirms it.
Genesis 45:21-24. Joseph furnishes then for their journey, and exhorts them to concord.
Genesis 45:25-28. Jacob is revived with the news.

Genesis chapter 46

Genesis 46:1-4. Jacob is comforted by God at Beer-sheba.
Genesis 46:5-7. Thence he with his company goes into Egypt.
Genesis 46:8-27. The number of his family that went into Egypt.
Genesis 46:28-30. Joseph meets Jacob.
Genesis 46:31-34. He instructs his brethren how to answer Pharaoh.

Genesis chapter 47

Genesis 47:1-10. Joseph presents his father, and five of his brethren before Pharaoh.
Genesis 47:11-12. He gives them habitation and maintenance.
Genesis 47:13-15. He gets the Egyptians' money;
Genesis 47:16-17. their cattle;
Genesis 47:18-22. and their lands, except the priests', to Pharaoh.
Genesis 47:23-27. He restores the land for a fifth.
Genesis 47:28. Jacob's age.
Genesis 47:29-31. He swears Joseph to bury him with his fathers.

Genesis chapter 48

Genesis 48:1. Joseph with his sons visits his sick father.
Genesis 48:2. Jacob strengthens himself to bless them.
Genesis 48:3-4. He repeats God's promise.
Genesis 48:5-6. He takes Ephraim and Manasseh as his own sons.
Genesis 48:7. He tells Joseph of his mother's grave.
Genesis 48:8-16. He blesses Ephraim and Manasseh.
Genesis 48:17-20. He prefers the younger before the elder.
Genesis 48:21-22. He prophesies their return to Canaan.

Genesis chapter 49

Genesis 49:1-2. Jacob calls his sons to bless them.
Genesis 49:3-28. Their blessing in particular.
Genesis 49:29-32. He charges them about his burial.
Genesis 49:33. He dies.

Genesis chapter 50

Genesis 50:1-3. The mourning for Jacob.
Genesis 50:4-6. Joseph gets leave of Pharaoh to go to bury him.
Genesis 50:7-14. The funeral.
Genesis 50:15-21. Joseph comforts his brethren, who crave his pardon.
Genesis 50:22. His age.
Genesis 50:23. He sees the third generation of his sons.
Genesis 50:24. He prophesies unto his brethren of their return.
Genesis 50:25. He takes an oath of them concerning his bones.
Genesis 50:26. He dies, and is put into a coffin.