What must I do to be Saved?

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Lifes most important question

Life’s Most Important Question!
What must I do to be saved?

In the modern world, there are a variety of things that people live for!

  • Some people are avid sports enthusiasts!
  • Others are working to build a fortune!
  • Still other are into a wide variety of hobbies!
  • And then there are those who are living for retirement!

But think about this statement that Jesus made!

Jesus said;
“What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Now think about this true story!

  • A man worked for a corporation during his entire career, and then just before his scheduled time to retire, he got cheated out of his pension.
  • You know, it really doesn’t matter how loyal and hardworking you were if you lose it all in the end.
  • But we have a problem that is much bigger than just being cheated out of our retirement.

A horrific thought, that most people do not want to think about, is how terrible this world really is.

  • During the last century, in two World Wars, over 50 million people were brutally murdered!
  • Since man's rebellion in the Garden of Eden, every person who has been born into this world has been born into a war zone.
  • In that war zone, there are no innocent bystanders.
    Every person is forced to take sides.

The fact is, you have already taken sides!
You are not innocent!

  • We have all given in to the lies of the evil one and have disobeyed the Eternal God, who created us.
  • Many will proudly respond by saying,
    "I am a good person."
  • But in reality, our pride is our biggest enemy!

All of us have broken God’s Laws!
We are all criminals!

  • If you have ever told, “a little white lie,” that makes you a liar.
  • If you have stolen, even a piece of gum, then you are a thief.
  • Have you have ever hated someone in your heart?
    According to Jesus, that makes you a murderer!
  • Have ever looked with lustful eyes, at someone you were not married to?
    Then according to Jesus, you are an adulterer!

You may ask, “How could a loving God condemn people?”

But think about this!

  • Suppose a person is convicted of brutally raping and murdering your mother, sister, or daughter.
  • Would you want that man to go free?
  • Then imagine that convicted criminal standing before the Judge, and saying, “Your Honor, I am a good person.”
    I have helped an old woman cross the street.
    I have given money to a needy person.
    Can't you just overlook this crime, and forgive me?
  • A good judge would never say to that person, “Yes I forgive you, you are free to go commit that crime again!”
  • A good judge would say, “You are guilty!”

    “And to protect others from your criminal behavior, you must pay for your crime!”

God is a good judge!

  • And as a good judge, God will not let anyone get away with their crimes and sins, which they have committed against Him!
  • There will be an eternal judgment!
  • God will judge every one, including you and me, for:
    Every evil thought,
    Every malicious word, and
    Every sinful action!
    That we have committed against Him, and His Law!

Nobody will escape His Judgment!

  • But because He is a loving and merciful God, He has provided a way for us to be saved from this hellish world that we live in!

That is why the question,

“What must I do to be saved?”
really is,
“Life's most important question!”

The True Gospel is the answer!
But there are many things that are said and taught about the gospel, that are not true!

  • If you spend your entire life as a religious person who has been loyal to the wrong thing, you will have a rude awakening on the Judgement Day!
  • But if you examine the Scriptures for yourself, you will see that the Gospel is clear, and simple!

The Gospel has two parts!

  • The first part is what God has done so that you can be saved!
  • The second part is your part!
    • That is, doing what you must do to be saved!

What God did so that you can be saved!

  • God came to earth, in the person of His only Son, Jesus!
    And as God in the flesh, Jesus lived a perfect life.
  • Unlike you and me, He never disobeyed His Father, not even once!
  • Finally, He died on the cross, to pay for all of our crimes and sins, that we have committed against God!

What you must do to be saved!

  • But here is where we have a big problem!

The problem is that most religious people believe what they have been told by others.
And they do not know what God's Word actually says that you must do to be saved!

  • First! We must believe that when Jesus died for us on the cross, that He paid the full price for all the sins and crimes that we have committed against God’s and His Law!
  • There is no one else that could ever do that for you and me!
  • We must receive Jesus into our hearts and be “Born Again!”
  • When you receive Jesus into your heart and are “Born Again, you will become a brand new person inside!”
  • You must Repent of your Sins! To “Repent,” means to turn away from all of your sinful actions, words and thought's, and to turn to Him, with your whole life!
  • Finally, We must confess Jesus before men! Jesus said, “If you confess me before men, I will confess you, before my Father in Heaven,” and “If you deny me before men, I will deny you, before my Father in Heaven!
  • That is what Water Baptism is all about. Baptism is our public confession that we have turned away from our old life, and now have our new life in Jesus!

In these verse by verse studies you will see clearly what the Scriptures actually teach about these things!

After you have resolved Life’s Most Important Question, “What Must I Do to Be Saved,” then you can begin to embrace Life’s Second Most Important Question, “What Must I Do to Be a True Disciple of Jesus!”

Below is a list of Scriptural Categories that are essential learn for you to become a “True Disciple of Jesus!”

You can find verse by verse Scripture Studies of each of these categories on this website! You can also download a printable pdf and do the studies offline.

Note: Some of these studies are in a rough draft, but are still valuable in exposing the essential Scripture passages related to the topic.

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